Reviews for "Lastman"

Hard but exciting

Let me start off by saying this game is ridiculously hard and fun.

I liked the 8-bit style and how it somewhat reminded me of Mario.

The sound effects were definitely old school and kept the style of the game flowing perfectly, all of the little creatures are cute.

I have yet to even obtain any medals, but that's what I like about this game!

It's actually a challenge....

Hopefully I can see a sequel in the future!

just terrible

wont jump when i tell it too, glitches half the time, and is a crappy concept overall

I fuck the game!

I get 127 death medal!(check my userpage(and check my news!))


Fantastic game although I am terrible at it.

People getting mad thinking u care that they vote 0 hehe <3 that is success in a game when you can play with peoples emotions.


The controls are terribles but i dont will vote 0 every day LoL.