Reviews for "Lastman"

you get zero stars because

it isnt to hard. you get zero stars for the adds, i mean, if this where a really awesome game then i would understand the adds, but this raises the quality of your game down.

5 points for such a time waisting medal? i could collect more medals (and points) in the same time i would try to get this medal.


I didn't like this at all, it's totally a lottery. you jump on a crab, 50/50 on if you die or it does. and because of that i didn't even make it past the first set of collapsing tiles.


this was glitchy, hard in a bad way and way to spisific

Compared to the classics, it's abysmal.

You cannot compare this to Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario 2, Megaman 2, or Ghosts N' Goblins. The graphics are alright for an eight bit game, and for as long as the level was, there should have been more variety of tiles than the same ones that I die over. In the classics, there were different levels, and the scenery changes. This. It's boring and frustrating.

The worst part is the ads that pop up after you die. Do you see this on the games I've mentioned before? No! It adds to the horrible experience and it wastes my time. I wouldn't mind you getting money if this was a good game. Some music would be nice too, and different sounds than the three beats you've got in there.

In the end, it's less a game and more of a tedious chore. Challenge would have been cool if not for the wacky controls. Besides, it shouldn't have the medals like it has, because it's for your benefit only. (Which is to get more money from those who want medals.)

I like this game

I found this to be fun, it's one of those games that tests your limits, and I like that. The momentum's a little broken but I love the challenge of the game and the split-second timing of some of the jumps and challenges, I haven't beaten it, the farthest I've gotten is to the 3 rocket launcher blocks that you have to jump on, I wish I could've made it to the end. This game is something you show your friends to see how far they can make it, it's one of those games that's a challenge for bragging rights. 7/10