Reviews for "Lastman"

cool game

its so hard

You sir, are a successful troll.

I appreciate how you deliberately made this game difficult yet really simple. To add insult to injury, you have ads run every other death! You make people rage harder than Bill O'Reilly. Good job.


Hardcore gamers would enjoy the experience whilst noobs will hate all over it. The fact that the ENTIRE series is crazy difficult makes it appealing, sooooo qq some moar weens!

this is too bad

i consider myself a fan of plataform games but this is an insult to super mario

next time don´t try to create something with the same spirit
why dont´you try to be original?
i almost destroy my keyboard

Ads, bad controls, bad graphics

This doesn't look like mario at all. I just don't get it. You get 1 star for trying.