Reviews for "Lastman"

This game belongs in the 9th circle of hell

Let's start with the good things about this game:
- The box art is well done, it really makes it feel like a classic game.
- This game is VERY challenging

Now on to the bad things about this game:
- The game has around Atari quality graphics. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you were going for the spirit of SMB2, I would expect at least a little more effort.
- The jumping momentum in this game is terrible. Jumping forward while running is fine, but trying to jump forward from a standstill will result in such a miniscule gain in distance, you'll wonder why you even bothered jumping in the first place. This wouldn't be too big of an issue, except there are far too many jumps you need to make while standing on a single block, making it incredibly difficult to gain enough forward momentum for a decent jump.
- The collision with some of the baddies appears to be really badly done. The crabs and porcupines are fine, but I've had tons of issues with the snails and armadillos. Jumping onto a snail shell often kills me for no reason, to the point where I just try to avoid them as much as possible. The armadillos are by far the worst, as jumping on them can cause unpredictable results. When jumping on the center of an armadillo, I've seen it either curl into a ball, immediately start rolling, kill me without affecting it, or start rolling and kill me at the same time.
- The collision with the missles is also poorly done. Half the time I simply pass right through them.
- Jumping into the ceiling causes you to show up at the bottom. While this is a cool feature in theory, it was very poorly executed in this game. If only part of your character shows up at the bottom, you drop back down from the ceiling. However, if your entire character appears at the bottom, you'll drop back down and instantly die rather than fall from the ceiling again.
- The lack of checkpoints or levels makes this game even more frustrating with only 1 life.
- You have ads show up after a certain number of deaths. I didn't know this myself since ad-block took care of it (I just had a "PLEASE HOLD" message in the bottom corner), but one of my friends mentioned this to me. No one wants to see ads even in good games, to put ads here is just adding insult to injury.

I know you wanted to make a game in the spirit of SMB2, but the main problem is that SMB2 was actually FUN while still being difficult. Your game is so frustratingly awful that it feels more like I'm being tortured than playing a game. The only way I was able to reach the end was to repeat it so many times that the majority of the game was done with muscle memory, and even then there were some parts that required such precise timing that it was difficult even with practice. I got the Beetle Battle medal so I'd at least have something to show for spending so much time on this game, but I have no desire AT ALL to obtain the secret medal.

PiGPEN responds:

Concerning gameplay gripes:
-The jumping momentum is so stark between running and walking as a piece of the design....you've probably forgotten all the areas where being able to walk slow and jump low were helpful but they're in there. I could have made the difference less drastic and more Mario-like but it would've made judging distances harder...which isnt a big deal in Mario where you get lives and checkpoints but here i decided it was more critical.
-Snails are the same logic as crabs...land on their central broad area. If you can land one there's no reason why you can't land the other.
-Armadillos i will admit are glitchy, but they're consistently glitchy which is why i never bothered to fix them. What happens depends on where you hit them and how high you jump from. First off they travel in the opposite direction of the side you hit them on...you want to be as off center as possible (unlike crabs and snails)...secondly the glitching based on how high you drop onto them is basically mid-height BAD (you go too far into the dillo and dont bounce out before he becomes dangerous), low&high-height GOOD (low acts as originally planned, i dont even know how high glitches how it does but you come out unscathed and often the armadillo doesnt play the ball animation, lol).
-You rather the collision with missiles be pixel the whole missile? The only dangerous point is the tip of the missile...the rest of the missile is merely to scare the player. (If i changed the graphic to one pixel like it actually is most people wouldn't have such a hard time with them. >:D )
-C'mon man, you can't hate on the warp ceiling... it's the one truly unique gameplay aspect in Lastman. And it's not poorly executed at all, works exactly as designed. And yeah you die if your whole character comes up from the floor, i'm sure you would rather warp ceiling zones be filled with rainbows and happy thoughts and players could fall all they want without dying but where would the fun in that be?

Given you went so far as to get to the boss and still seemingly despise the game i would reason that you have OCD.....so i expect to see you back here to pick up the final medal. Good luck!


This Game Would Be Better, But It Will Just Randomly Not Let You Jump At Times. o.o



This game is way too unexpecting one min. your jumping like your superman next min. your jumping like a piece of shit with a ancer on the tip of it....

Pretty bad.

Annoying as hell. And after I died around 20 times the game paused and made me watch an add before continuing. That's cheap.


This game sucks so bad. Medals are only that made me play it

P.S. someone tell me why Kevin Bacon is so popular??