Reviews for "Old School Cartoon Collab"


Great job. The jokes weren't bad. Some were a little dry but for the most part you did good on this. The only problem I had though was Dexter sounded Spanish instead of German. Still a good collab. Great job.

Where's my part!?

My part was higher quality than most of the ones you actually used, so my question is "Why the fuck didn't you use my part?"

The parts you used didn't even have appropriate voices. The animation was pretty shitty whenever it came to Astro. There wasn't really much in terms of background music, so each part seemed rather empty, sound wise.

"this is a great looking collab"
No, actually, it looks horrible.

wam-bo responds:

yer part blew, and it had too much codes and i posted in the thread like "hey i can't get it to work" and you didn't respond, i know yer jealous of the trophy and i don't blame you, but yer part wasn't funny anyway so don't blame me


Loved most of them. Nostalgic indeed. Not old-skool as in Ooooooold-skool, but old-skool as in "from my youth-"old-skool. Gets me thing of those days again, when life was easy as eating the diner your mum gave you and watching the cartoons Nickelodeon was willing to present to you...

so aswom

now i get it,old school, i love DL DE-LEBRA

I'm sorry...

But when I heard "Old School" I was thinking of Scooby Doo, Flintstones, and Loony Toons. I didn't see much of it, mainly stuff from the 90s that weren't exactly entertaining in their own right. But I guess since a lot of the NewGrounds audience are preteens, Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, and the Powerpuff Girls are your "Old School" These were just my thoughts, I gave an upper medium ranking just for the decent art and the sub-par references but don't think of it as an insult, just a reason to try harder next time.