Reviews for "Old School Cartoon Collab"


Wow, you used my song. I'm flattered! :D

Funny story, I actually found this by Googling myself out of sheer boredom.

Ever done that? It's amazing how many web-sites you're on that YOU NEVER SIGNED UP FOR! lol

Anyways, I won't say this is the best thing I've seen, but parts of it were pretty funny.

My fave was the Powerpuff scene. Had some very good, fluid animation.


the ren and stimpy one was hard to understand.... lol

Great job!

it was surprisingly good, better than i expected, the only thing i DISLIKE is most of the backgrounds, they lack the type of detail that you would want from a flash movie, and seeming that most of them are just random colors, some backgrounds were great, like the powerpuff girls skit :D i would think this would be a great movie with a little more detail, but apart from that, great job keep it up!!! :D

loved it but...

what show was the rehab one? and i don't get the astrooooooooo one

pretty funny

very funny. pokemon is very stupid