Reviews for "Test My History"

Fun game

It's a fun game with good knowledge needed, may be a bit hard for the majority but i like how you actually learn something as well as it being fun.
Good work my friend :)

nice, hard, but...

Nice Game, very nice indeed, the questions are hard but thats good, however I ot demotivated that even after getting 7 answers right I still didnt get a trophy,

I see you tried to solve it by giving facts as consolation, but it didnt qiute work for me, however cool game, thats going into my favorites

pretty interesting

funny idea and fun to play - but the controls are a little odd.. sometimes it jumps over the aimed year and its a lot of puzzling to get it right. and i think a little help (maybe "the x was around y to z") would be nice to make the game a little more forgiving.


Actually, i'm terrible in dates, since i can't even remember my parents or relatives birthdays, so this so not for me.
But, it seems a good way to learn a few things.
Everything is well done, no complaint about that.
The only negative point, in my opinion, is that you don't give the answer when it's wrong. I know, you can find it yourself, internet is here for that...But i think a tiny window opening when you're wrong, giving a few trivia facts about the event, or other close events as hints would definitely be an improvement.
You know, just to prevent the kid to google the event and to dumbly copy the date without thinking a little bit.
And overall, yeah, it's boring. But learning dates IS boring, unless you're passionate about history or specific events...So, i guess this can't be helped. But i bow at the effort.

really nicely made

very well made and facts seem ok but the temperature gauge makes guessing easy and the need to be very precise makes getting it actually right hard.