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Reviews for "RE-tards"


This movie is hilarious...I WANT MORE! Great use of the ER music. And the animation actually isn't that bad!

Great job!


Marty has once again excelled himself in the realm of shitness. (its one way to become a celebrity) He once again
bribes people to give him high scores and once again elightens himself in the realm of twatness.
Well done Marty you fucked it up for a third time!

Acutally-not bad

Hey, this movie is actually kind of cool-and its a hell of a lot better then "MJ & Eillan Wazzup!" and the other crap! It's actually not a piece of shit movie.

This is cool.

This entry deserves a ton (I'm talking mondo amounts) of praise. This entry kicks serious ass. The graphics are pretty good, the music is sweet, and the ideas and shit behind it are good. This entry actually deserves a good write up. There are no cons in it at all and it just kicks ass. No two ways about it, no grey area.

On a personal note, this is my first review upon returning from vacation.


your grahices are not that good,but good idea for a movie