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Reviews for "RE-tards"

Pretty Strange.

What a strange entry. As usuall, Marty's art sucks, but kind of funny. Anyway, that "Eatality" thing was wierd.

aw, marty

geez marty, this was good...and i mean actually half-decent good...it's not the usual marty- perfection, this is just portal-good...plus u used blink-182 and said rap sucks...aww...but, i must say, all the marty HUMOR was still there...the beginning sequence hardly made sense and was very loud, that was a plus...l-c eating the pretzel that clogged him, that was great...i noticed one of your friends from your assassin game was the shoe-shine guy, i think the main character was randy wiggerling...that's the only 3 of 5 i could pull out...not bad though


Hey Marty, no why ya made this movie cause you are a Retard and u need to go to the hostpital for some medical help! Go get a life

Marty, Marty, Marty. . .

*sniff* Do I smell shit, why I think I do, that could only mean Marty made another movie. Marty is it your goal to waste 5 minutes of everyones time, because if it is, then you've succeeded once again.

portal's gone to hell

You know the portal's going to hell when people are making WORSE portal entries than MaRtY.

Don't worry kid, I gave ya a 0 for old time's sake.