Reviews for "Beerbubble v1.1"


On my first try I got second place. I tried to get first--for an hour...

So fun !

I played this for like 20minutes and still found it fun :). But change the musics because they kinda hurt ^^. And make a pause button too.

Really relaxing

As you said, its a chillout/relaxing sorta game and it really did the trick for me, i went into some kinda weird trance while playing, and the song you used helped a lot. Good work, nice clean art aswell, good job!

Simple but cool

Good one, mate

I like it.

Very relaxing.
You can make less good and more bad bubbles, though.
Combo's can make this game better.
(For the first bubble, you get one point, for the second you get two points, for the third three, etc. If you hit a bad bubble, the combo breaks, and after that, you get one point for the bubble, then two etc.)
Overall a very good game, and good graphics.
Just found the music change buttons in the menu. You can say they are there in the menu.
Hope you change these things.
Good luck.