Reviews for "Journeys of Reemus: Ch 3"

Great Game

I loved the whole game, can't wait to see what happens to em :P. i had to do Path of least resistance and the passion of the exterminator twice to get the medals :( i hope some glitches get fixed in the future (regarding medals)

i dont get it

the passion of the exterminator?
i tried everything :/


what i love most about this series, aside from the occasional illogical puzzles, is the music... gives it that trippy type of feel to it, like listening to radiohead.

anyway, thanks alot for posting this! give us any clue to when chapter four will be released?

Great Game

Is a great game, a really good chapter on the journeys of reemus, i hope they keep coming!! keep it up zeebarf!!!


Never thought this game would be so amazing but meanhow i got stucked after catching the squirrel