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Reviews for "Journeys of Reemus: Ch 3"

good game

a really good fun game

deadend, try searching around

you click the small patch of grass next to the hole.

it was very tough the first time, then it got a bit easier as i went, until i got to the cave ahaha

good game


This game is tough! I cant even get past the first part. I get to where you become the bird in the begining and then Im stuck. I click on the hole and it flies over then flies back! I mean there is nothing else to click on! IMA GOING CRAZY MAN!!!! Good art though.

Great game, but.............

the music became very annoying after awhile. It's a good thing you put in a mute button or I would have probably gone insane. I like the music, but the constant looping is hard to bear.

:D Great game.....i got lost again

hey how do you get throught the part with the door in the grounds i can't figure out the puzzle :[ Other than that i hope the next one comes out sooon dude >:]