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Reviews for "Journeys of Reemus: Ch 3"

Good Entry to long-running series, but...

but... I felt that it lack something that was found in previous installment. Such as charm coming from hilarious character interactions within the environment, wealth of biological knowledge, and devilishly difficult puzzles. I felt that those wasn't really polished well and the plot progression felt flat and lost some of oomps left over from previous episode as the results.

Don't get me wrong, I still adore the graphic + animation, the interface, and the two different paths you can take. It just that the overall package felt weak comparing to solid first chapter and masterpiece that is second chapter. This one isn't very solid, but it is still a good game to enjoy playing.

You should follow closely what made first and second chapters so successfully enjoyable and fun to play while keeping the innovations and puzzles fresh for later episode. I wish you luck for successive chapters in the future!

Peace, Soullock


This is my favorite out of the series. Very great. Can't wait for the 4th!

Great game!

Good music, animation, and of course puzzles and story. Any one who is having trouble with the door, I learned this in science class, if you notice that some of the pegs have certain animals, well think of the triangle as the food chain. With the top most peg being the most dominant creature.
rabbit snake
grass carrot mouse frog

Great game again, I love point and click puzzle games
10/10 5/5

realey hard and bonfusing for an 8 year old

as i sed it was realey hard and confusing for me soon who ever made this can you email me the orda of the plug door bit becase thats part what i diddnt grt pasd and email it on new gronds

Awesome game...

This game is very cool, however I hated walking so slow, I srsly wanted to stop playing the game just because of this. A couple of the areas have you walking back and forth multiple times, it just got very annoying.