Reviews for "Gladiators Collab C"


Very Nice, would love it to be longer though.

TeamXHawk responds:

Me too.

Come on, man!!!!

Better than collab "B" is all i can say. Liked the first part for the graphics. Gd job overall, but sry i have to add that you guys should work with it and make the combats a little longer (or something like that)

Well im confused

Doesn't a collab need more than two segments. They looked fine it's just extremly short.

Stickman pwn.

It's good , but short.

Well ... As we all know on stickpage...
Nobody almost makes an entry xD

Good job guys.

TeamXHawk responds:

Thanks. The small number of entries in collabs is mainly because we split them in categories, but it's better like this tbh, nothing gets mixed up badly.

here's my idea about this

What to all the others in the first gladiators collab. Also, what happened to all the sound effects all i hear is the music?