Reviews for "Vector Boom"


this game is not impossible it is just a little challenging. maybe if you guys would try for more than three min. then you might be able to beat it. huh. n e way it was a good game and i enjoyed the upgrades. it needs a bunch more levels though other than that good job.

good game, but

well it was great and i loved most of it but towards the end i mean i got attacked by tons of ships i mean from every direction my energy wouldn't recharge so i got one after the other i dont even know if it was the last level.

P.S when i say owned i mean like six shield ship things, tons of those red, orange, and blue ships from every direction it was a disaster, but still very fun

HeroInteractive responds:

Eek! That does sound challenging. Sometimes it does get hard. We're glad you enjoyed the game anyway.


nice idea but after a while it becomes really boing and u could choose a better music..


i didn't get the medals...

chancy powerups get annoying

Game seemed pretty fun, though last level got retarded as it just made me not want to play anymore for lack of powerups. Hell it wasn't even a lack of, but the massive intervals between getting 4 of the same powerup at once killed me, and wtf maybe powerups should stack timewise, as 3 or 4 of the same thing coming once every 38 seconds is not fucking useful.

I guess it was one of those variables that's complete chance, but it sure made me give the fuck up.