Reviews for "Vector Boom"

Quality game but did get a little boring

This was a very new shooter game and its always nice to see new ideas put out into an area in which every game blends together into a monotonous laser fest. This being the case the game did get out fairly quickly... There are plenty of things to make a game more addicting and including a few more would be great! Good game thanks!

good overall game

I gave you a 5 but I'm giving you an 8 on the review because there are some small things to work out, I beat the game but instead of giving me the promised 100,000 in survival mode it only gave me 20,000 and I'm not going to beat it again just to see if that fixes it... pretty frustrating, but other than that, it's a great game, like an up to date version of missle command with more dimensions to the strategy aspect. good job.

Powerup goes overboard, but overall nice.

The Max Power was a tad overpowered, at least for how often I seemed to get it. It would be better split into other things like "Infinite Energy", "Max Radius", "Extra Damage". The last stage proved to be disappointing although it looked like it would be epic. Because I got a Mac Power just before it appeared. As I realized it was one massive ship, I just fired like crazy and it was pretty instantly dead.

But aside from that one powerup, I enjoyed the game's mechanics greatly. I played through the whole thing, and particularly enjoyed the tactical thinking required for good energy management and destruction.


its rainin fails!


TOO frustrating. Especially the 'fail fail fail fail fail fail' with a smiley face.