Reviews for "Vector Boom"

It wasn't too bad

I thought it was a pretty good game, even though the graphics really weren't that impressive and the control was kind of hard to understand. I got a little annoyed at how the angling was kind of off-base but it was still pretty enjoyable with a variety of enemies and a pretty creative idea in itself.

Nice Game

It's a good game. It seems to be very balanced, the upgrades weren't overly expensive and the credits earned each level made it possible to purchase them before every new wave.

It did get a tad boring, it is after a wave game, and these can get repetitive. However it did not skip out on difficulty. The system used for shooting was a nice touch and added some quality to it.

Overall, great job on it!

very nice game

im not sure about others but enemys are offscreen and yet they still attack you i often times will die because enemys are shotting at me that i cant destroy unless i use all of my power and make a blast off screen to destroy them and then im very vulnerable to attack im not sure iff other people are experiencing this roblem but i am other wise this is a pretty sweet game its different but a good different old shootr/ deffence games are boring now

Pretty good.

I mean, it's good. A lot better than most of the crap you get on Newgrounds these days. I got both medals, so that's something, I guess. It was easy. But it would be nice if the powerups laster a bit longer. Seemed to go really fast whenever I got them.

I'd play a sequel.

Good, and simple (bad)

Fellow user goloerel pretty much highlighted the things the game lacks, though I would like to mention that getting a Max Power power up and going, for lack of a better word, momentarily insane and trigger happy never got old. Though also, at many points throughout the game, getting a power up often signified the difference between life and death.

For example, in the 9th level, near the end of it, no less than 4 of the big purple ships, 3 or 5 of the fuel containing ships and dozens of the blue, red and yellow ships were swarming me, and more were incoming. I was struggling slightly, nearly half my life gone, until, by pure luck alone, one of them left a MP power up behind. All it took was one single shot, and the galaxy lit up with a powerful burst of light. No more enemies.

Then, on the last level (normal mode), I was left shocked (O_O WTF HAX like) at the sheer size of the monstrosity that was the last boss. I took care of a few ships coming in on the side. Guess what, an MP power up! Big Bad Boss, meet my ultimate cannon of infinite energy. One massive energy volley later, and the remaining things on the area were a few stragglers.

So yeah, it depends on luck later on.