Reviews for "Vector Boom"


Good game, I just beat Normal mode. However, I got a max-power in the last stage , so I could the destroy the mothership in like 5 seconds. Maybe you shouldn't make it availabe on that one.


nicley done i liked it lol


A pretty cool game, I like the aiming and timing you have to master, but the game was overall quite easy. Level 9 was also a bit tedious as it was so long, and then level 10 was so short that I was surprised.

Anyway, I like the music, it gives a good atmosphere (even though you are in space :P) and everything looked really cool, from the explosions to the enemies to your own ship. I liked how your ship changed when you bought more upgrades.


Solid defense shooter--good difficulty, good graphics, enjoyable. I do agree with Art-of-Possibility that the boss was far too easy--I just hit a Max Power and rape rape raped its face off in about ten seconds. Dunno if that's supposed to happen, but it was kind of anti-climactic. Anyway, good job, and I'm looking for a sequel!

Good, but where's my medal???

It is a fun game overall. I played it on different days and received the glorious medal each time (notice showed up in game), yet the medal never posts in my account. Is there a bug with the game? The other medal works. A means to submit the survival final score would also be nice. Died at about 480K point :-(.