Reviews for "Vector Boom"

Good But,,,,,,,,,,

Dang I lost on lvl seven
¨Man this is hard.

HeroInteractive responds:

Keep at it, you'll beat it!


Too short, I wanted to keep playing.


sweet bro.... heres one qustion.Every time you destroy a fleet its the next wave right? cuz i got up to wave: 71 so it means it is isn't? oh well Nice game

A very fun game!

I must admit, this game was quite addicting!

First of all, I'd like to say that I absolutely love defense games. It is on of my favorite game genres. This game was brilliant, from the graphics, to the interface, and controls.

A great game. Hours of fun fending of enemies and souping up your space station with gear. Now if I can just gun for that GLORIOUS medal. ;)


Good Work

I liked it, it was very fun and enjoyable, but your base should go out with a big huge explosion when it does.