Reviews for "Vector Boom"


Got 224,660and died :'(

HeroInteractive responds:

Ugh, that really blows. I think killing 5 small enemies would have gotten those points. Sorry man.

A little tough on those with laptops.

Good game, but a little tough for those with laptops. I cannot get past the 6th level on survival no matter what I put my points into.

I rike it

An enjoyable take on the defense genre. The click-and-drag mechanic is really cool, and it works perfectly. The difficulty is a good fit, too. Not too ball-crushingly hard, but not too easy either.

was fun

the last boss was a way too weak, well i recived max power from the first enemy and just spammed it through...^^


fun easy game with simple controls
Woot! got 242040 on survival first try! XD