Reviews for "Vector Boom"


I've played this before.. i dont remember where..cool game... i see it being on the front page probably right after it passes judgement...cant think of any improvements or anything right now....

Cool, though a tad unbalanced

I think there ought to be some kind of reward for getting large groups in a single shot. If there was one, I didn't notice, so if there's a bonus, make it more obvious. At the end there were just so many enemies, I was just spamming mini shots and hoping to hit something. Maybe that was the point, maybe it wasn't. Either way, it wasn't any fun. I give you a nine for interesting game play and fancy base design.

Worth the time

it was fun. My only issue was that occasionally my shots took away energy, but never fired. maybe I moved my mouse out of the box or something, but it bugged me.

omg this is the game that i will play only once

could be better but i think it was pretty good game...

Glitch screwed me...

The game was fun and very original, perhaps too overwhelming at times... However, a bug in the game screwed me, because at stage 9, I failed when all the purple ships came, and when I hit retry, the stage only had 2 little red ships come and hit was over. Alas, this was the last level before the final where you were supposed to get as much upgrades as possible, but I had no money to do it, so that was a bummer, and there was no way for me to beat that boss. :[