Reviews for "Vector Boom"


I completed normal mode with my health thinner than an ant lol!

HeroInteractive responds:

Whoa! Close call. That's awesome!

Very addicting!

It has been awhile since I played a shooter this good. It was very fast paced and loaded with action, even if it got a bit repetitive at times. I hope there will be a sequal to Vector Boom! ^^


Good, Creative & Origanal,
but like people said it is a bit easy..

I don't know if that's that much of a bad thing tho for me personally because I mostly only play flash games once anyway,,
so like it if I can win it on the first time I play..

very intertaining!

i had a blast with this game. maby the next will have more lvl's? more upgrades??? fun fun fun!

plane crash!

only two medal BOM BOOMY BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i Never heard of a game like that!