Reviews for "cupcake?"

Sweet dreams indeed

I'm not sure if it was intended, well I'm pretty sure it wasn't, but it felt like you were expressing delusions of everyday life. If I were apply this to imagery; the dog would be cattle or something ,and the cupcake would be a hamburger. A hamburger looks good to eat but it's still made from a cow. The monster could symbolize the truth that humanity doesn't want to think of; that we are still brutal killers, everyone of us. :D Still. I don't see how a dog is a cupcake... that's primarily why I think the imagery was unintentional. I'm insane and randomly over anylalitical xD

As for the flash itself the pixelated transitions were smooth, the animation was well done and fluid, and the possible imagery was interesting, kinda funny too, great job!

TheBoogley responds:

I was thinking about something along those lines, but not specifically about the way we don't acknowledge where our food comes from. I was thinking about our perception of the world, and the fact that what we perceive to be reality may be way off due to the wiring of impulses in our brains.
I also thought it would look freaky.

holy fuck!

man that monster must have been tripping balls pretty damn hard to think that dog was a cupcake.

TheBoogley responds:

what a silly monster he was :D

nice work

heard you liked cupcakes, i think muffin man Mosser in lower city sells them :D

TheBoogley responds:

"Get 'em hot and fresh while you can.
You won't find a better price on muffins anywhere else in Shattrath." :D
it's a fairly long way away from Melbourne Australia though... :(


What's the person saying at the end? I just hear someone shouting something.

TheBoogley responds:

SWEET DREAMS CUPCAKE!! It's from Night at the Museum

So I have two theories.

If this is like modern art, I have two guesses on your motivation to create this.
a) Your dog was named cupcake and died.
b) You're a vegetarian with a vengeance and want to make people feel guilty for eating gelatin.

TheBoogley responds:

pfft HAHA!! :D