Reviews for "cupcake?"

Filthy, nasty, review.

Darn, now you made me hungry for half eaten dog. Got any you can spare kind sir?

TheBoogley responds:

Dogs are like muffins, people only eat the top half and throw the bottom away

Almost edible

Forget what the naysayers are naysaying. What's not to like about a vibrant and stylish movie with animation so slick it's almost edible? Great stuff.

TheBoogley responds:

damned naysayers and their naysaying, they sound like horses... NEIIIGGHHHH!!! PHHHHH!!! :D

you say you've never done acid?

yet you like cupcakes... do you make your own cupcakes or do you buy it from the rastifarian place down the block???
Or chase your poor dachsaund named "cupcake" around the house?

regardless it was a great animation :D

TheBoogley responds:

actually, my dog's name is Turtle... it's a long story. :)


Graphics and animations are sexy... Now put them to actually use :)

TheBoogley responds:

why'd you give it a ten if I hadn't put them to good use, you shouldn't just give your 10's away.
People will think your easy and spread rumours about you. Seen the movie Carrie? :)


I haven't tasted dog meat in a long time. Thanks for inspiring me to go on a long-overdue dog-hunting trip.

[just kidding]

TheBoogley responds:

I hear Korea is an excellent place to do it ;)
they have the best animators there too