Reviews for "cupcake?"

Erm. 5 stars. :3 This kinda creeps me out. It's still a nice animation. ;D

TheBoogley responds:

hehehee!! excellent! ALL IS GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN! |:D

Yo Boog, even though this is a loop, about how many frames did you use just for the walking mammal?

TheBoogley responds:

most of them are on sixteens, with 32 frames for the full cycle.

Thanks for responding to my review =D
checked this out
pretty damn cool! if only it looped
i wish i could animate like you, evennntualllyyy....

abit freaky, but not like.. nightmare scary
still, once again. amazing animation

TheBoogley responds:

thanks man, I like you! :D


This is awesome.

Didju mosaic-ize your walk cycles in photoshop and then "Trace Bitmap" the files in flash? It's a really effing beautiful effect.

All the best.

TheBoogley responds:

nope, I used livetrace in illustrator on each of the frames at a progressively low quality level... your way would work just as well :)


I have a question: Is it bad I want to jump into that animation, marry the pink teddybear and have freaky human-bear-monster hybrid children things with it? Freaky human-bear-monster children who mysteriously get bitten in half...

"But honey! I could have sworn he was a cupcake 5 minutes ago!"

Keep making this crazy shit. Elsies the bear will get you... :D

TheBoogley responds:

can't sleep, bear will eat me! {8O