Reviews for "cupcake?"


...and i like it. maybe im a weirdo lol

TheBoogley responds:

cupcake flesh {:0


what the hell were you on when you made this xD

it's still pretty cool though :P

TheBoogley responds:

I was on the interwebs, watching lolcats :3

I absolutely love it.

I love this so much. I rarely favourite things but this is so good. Very inspiring. Good job.

TheBoogley responds:

I rarely respond to reviews but yours was particularly complimentary. Very friendly. Thanks! :3


It's like modern art, except with actual technical skill behind it.

TheBoogley responds:

oh El-Cid, you say the darnedest things! Bill Cosby would love to interview you! X3

AHHH that is great

Awesome animation

TheBoogley responds:

Thanks, I'm pretty sure that you are also great! :D