Reviews for "cupcake?"

I can't stop watching it!!!

That is a realy great animation
and I can feel it how its saying
"this is art!" awesome :3

TheBoogley responds:

you'll have to stop watching it at some point, you're eyes will start bleeding... {:0

i love you boogly

your artistic and colorful ideas are great because you dont need dick jokes or over the top fight scenes to makke your flash good................that is why your my favorite animator

TheBoogley responds:

but just imagine if I did put some fighting dick jokes in, it'd make people's computers EXPLODE 8O
thanks for you support mate, it means a lot! :)


The message: Don't do drugs!

TheBoogley responds:

or eat cupcakes or dogs... :3



TheBoogley responds:


What if...

Our world was like this? I mean, our perception of a cupcake is incorrect, and really its a dog?

I've got to stop getting take out from pet stores...

Nice pixlating effect!

TheBoogley responds:

maybe that's what happens in Korea, we see them eating dogs, but really they're cupcakes...
or something? :3