Reviews for "cupcake?"

the hell?

What IS this?

TheBoogley responds:

yes! :D

Its Cool

It kinda reminds me of kid cudi's day and night video

TheBoogley responds:

I just watched it and I agree, thanks for putting me onto it! :D


It made me cum, good job.

TheBoogley responds:

I'm glad I could be of assistance, I guess

i dont know what to say

i have one queston and thats it

WHAT IS HE ON, and can i have some!

TheBoogley responds:

he was on the footpath, and you can have all the footpath you want,
just leave the house and there it is! :3


as freaky as the transition was (the first time) the rest of it was prety enjoyable, cute bear thing, cupcake, the art style....and half a dog bleeding everywhere jk, i loved the music the most, Sirhc7000s origional is good but your remix added that "little" extra.
good job :D

TheBoogley responds:

I just deliberately wrecked the music, took chunks and changed the pitch and tempo, and I have no idea how music is constructed so it was clumsy which works for this sort of glitchy stuff.
thanks :)