Reviews for "cupcake?"


For all you junkies out there. This is what PCP and LSD do to your brain. Awesome video man, just awesome.

TheBoogley responds:

this is your brain... or is it a dog? or is it a cupcake? uhh

trippy the clown

wow man this is he ultimate transfusion of tween and fbf bravo awsome

TheBoogley responds:

blood!! nom nom nom

"sweet dreams, cupcake!"

hahah, that was hella trippy man. good stuff, I love your work!!

TheBoogley responds:

thanks mate, it's great to know that you're out there watching! :D


That was intense. I love it.
I love all of your animations, your style, and apparent dedication.
You are truly amazing.
I love how you sync your animation with the music and sound.
Sadly many animators neglect to do so.
You clearly discipline yourself well which makes everything you do so damn entertaining for all who watch.
I am yet to see a bad review on any of your flash vids which is psychohellacrazy good.
I mean, I'm sure some random douche is jealous out of his powdered wig and had the audacity to tell you taht you suck.
But I assure you good brother that you most certainly do not suck.
You have brightened my days.
Keep up the good work.

... also I love you.

TheBoogley responds:

damn those random powdered wig wearers! :O


"Reminds me of a movie about a drug trip I saw while I was on that drug trip."

Anyways, Im probably going to go crazy trying to find this Easter egg now that I know one exists.

TheBoogley responds:

easter egg? there isn't one... don't waste your time! :D