Reviews for "cupcake?"

thought is illusion is thought

no real reason, no real thought, no meaning just a another addicting flash thank for making it

TheBoogley responds:

YAY someone who gets it :D


The movie was sweet. tasty cupcake

TheBoogley responds:

tasty doggy, you mean. :)

I dont get it

You messed up here.

The cupcake is a dog,ok then.
But the illusion-dog is a monster.
But he is in illusion form for while the dog is real for a second.(the begining)
why is the dog-bit floating???
The monster has the same leg span,but walks slower than the illusion,but moves at the same speed.
The normal dogs blood shouldnt be green.
Even in illusion form,the monster shouldnt imagine that the dog is the pancake,unless the monster loves pancakes...but its clearly chasing the dog-bit even in reality.

You messed up good(or bad...how do i say this)
Well you just messed up.

TheBoogley responds:

you got me... it all looks so fake, like some kind of a cartoon... :3

Your mix

I liked your mix much better than the original, it definitely fits the trippy flash. It also reminds me of 'what we believe' and 'what's actually happening'.

Back to the song, i like it, could you share the music with me?

TheBoogley responds:

I'm really stoked that you like it so much that you want me to share it, but I don't have it anymore. It was just a quick mess around in audacity, not really a mix. I just played with the pitch and tempo to suit the different stages of "reality"

:D Most definately trippy

This needs to be on a loop. Also there needs to be the edited version up for downloading. This itch needs to be scratched!

TheBoogley responds:

no, no, and no scratching, you'll only make it worse... :3