Reviews for "cupcake?"


You have got to hook me up on the stuff you were on when you made this;
after watching I suppose I don't really need it, meh. *so trippy*

Love it<3

TheBoogley responds:

Yes, that's right Nightmare-Echidna, you've gotten yourself into another prickly situation here, haven't you... get it? Prickly? Echidna? HA! XD
boooo :O

i want a cupcake :3

This is so trippy.
The music is awesome, and I like how your flash flowed with it.
Keep up the good work.

TheBoogley responds:

maybe I will and maybe I won't :3

Ohwow. :3

This is absolutely lush!! :O

Gorgeous animation, wonderrrful concept, the whole thing was like a drug trip. :]

I loved how the glitches fitted the music, it was pretty much like a piece of art.

10/10 mayuuunnn. Oh - also the first video i've ever favourited, how lovely..

TheBoogley responds:

FAVOURITE? woohooodafhjsldshjafgdnzsvnskljanj!!!
!11!1!1!!!! 8D

haha sweet

so cool, i dont know, man you really cant change anything, great job!

TheBoogley responds:

thank you shiny satan :3

i dunno

why is everyone whining it just is a cupcake, just one with special filling :)

TheBoogley responds:

schlurp!! :U
delicious! :)