Reviews for "1000LBS of shamwow"

Not bad!

It looks like you have a lot of potential.
Artwork was okay...
Animation was pretty good (especially for a first). I'm usually pretty picky about lipsync, and it may need work. I think the audio was lagging a bit, but it may have been my shitty computer.
The voice acting was good.
Content was good, for a short random flash. Weird and a little retarded, but acceptably so, not completely over-the-top stupid (which I find refreshing).

Animatigo responds:

Finally, A good review consisting of more than 3 lines XD

anyways, Most of these reviews have mentioned my artwork And I will try to improve before I start my next flash. I experimented with lip sync in this flash I tried tweening, Frame by frame and a mixture of both frame by frame and tweening, The mixture seemed to look the best to me so I'll stick with that and try to improve.

Thank you for the review and awesome score.

Pretty Good For Your First

Try and improve on your art a bit and definitely make it a little longer on your next one. This one could have gone on for a while, but not bad for your first flash. Keep it up!

Animatigo responds:

I am trying to make a series, I already have the script for a 2 or 3 minute episode but I want to improve on my animation skills first before I ever get near it.


Well, a) I've always wanted to do this, beacuse it would be awsome! and b) Its better then what I can do, keep at it and improve and you can deffinalty go places!

Animatigo responds:

I wish I could go places but I don't think I'm quiet that good.


Your getting somewhere, I enjoyed the flash. Very nice!

Animatigo responds:

Thank you, Fruitbasket.

It was kind of awful

But it was also the very best new submission I saw today, so you are definitely going places.

Animatigo responds:

uhhh.... Thanks?