Reviews for "Paper Plane Blow"

Absolutely Amazing

I initially only voted a 4 due to the difficulty, but after properly adjusting the gain, I really found myself enjoying this game. I've never seen a game like this on the web that uses the microphone so well, and I really like how the music sets a great atmosphere for the game and its eventual end.

28200 Points

is that good?


vote 5 for this


5/5 - 10/10 ofc! you should make more games like that ^-^
This game is just awesome in concept, music and "plot" (I like the unexpected ending - at least I didn't expect that^^).

You should realy keep up with your work and let us see more games soon.

FlashJockey responds:

wow cooool! ppl are loving this game!!
thank u! ^^

great game

awesome game, almost collapsed due to blowing heavily for my mic to pick it up but still a good game

FlashJockey responds:

adjust the gain of your mic!

My setting were perfect...

...so everything worked out good! It was really fun to play! :D


Great work :)