Reviews for "A duck walks into a bar.."


I haven't heard that joke in a while.

I like how the duck was animated but i don't much care for the barkeeper.
Please no more horns at the end haha

Keep making the funnies! haha


finally something that made me laugh my ass inside out
but it also could have helped you i was watching star wars robot chicken II

I knew

Right from the moment I saw the title of this cartoon I knew what joke it would be - classic and a good one. Nice job~ :)

I'm used to the grapes version. He comes back every day. But its the same joke, nails. :D


its a very good joke, and i think your portrayal is great!

voices were FANTASTIC! reminds me of eddworld.

although its missing a bit, i was under the impression the joke featured a duck comthing one day and asking for grapes, also its a bit better in version i heard wich said got nails? no. got hammer? no. got grapes? lol, not saying do it again but it would of been ten stars if you did. =)

do some more joke they really good


A well done revision of a classic joke.

It looked good, had excellent timing, and was just flat out funny.

And to 3124avechino, the joke is that the bartender threatened to nail the duck's bill to the table if he asked for bread again, so the duck asked if he had any nails instead. The bartender says no, and by now knowing that he doesn't have any nails to nail the duck to the table with, the duck is able to ask for bread again without any worry of being hurt.