Reviews for "A duck walks into a bar.."


This vid is sooo funny! Sorry about my old review I never heard the joke 'tillnow so I didn't get it.

I love this

I think this is completely clever cause it gives the affect of being annoying for the sake of being annoying real fun to get under a persons skin, 10/10 cheers mate.


the voices were well done and grpahics were nice too.
i partily agree with teimutm, the duck is saying the questions totaly the same. its ok that it ask in same word, thats kinda the point of the joke, but maybe some changes like in tone, cadence, power, or any other descriptor of speech (like the bartender)


This was funny in a retarded way... 10/10 5/5

Some problems, but not trash

Sorry man, it just doesn't seem real. Yea, yea, its a joke. right. But who asks anyone the same question the same darn way 5 times after receiving the same answer? It's not realistic. And because I'm focusing on that, I'm distracted and not really laughing.

Perhaps other tellings of the joke change the question a bit to give the discussion more of a build, like "Are you sure you don't have any bread?" or "I'm really hungry, and I need some bread." I'm no writer, but I think you see what I'm saying. There might be a progression or line of questioning, rather than a loop.

Somewhat related, I felt like the duck lacked vocal emotion. More variety in how he asks his questions (like in tone, cadence, power, or any other descriptor of speech) would add some dimension. The other lines were quite alright and enthusiastic.

Your drawing was well done. Consistently styled and effectively colored.

You don't really deserve the criticism. You're filling big shoes up on the front page.