Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"

omg! STAN!

I always like collabs, to see how ppl make stuff differently. But who ever the drawer is, he will always be Crazy Dave.


Some lacked but overall really good

Amazing and funny

No music was really used in this except the Crazy Dave theme which was awesome, I enjoyed seeing how all the sounds were created by mouth only and nothing else. That guy in the flash seems to be psychotic as well. Didn't truly see a storyline at all in this but I guess there wasn't supposed to be one in the first place was there?

The animation from each user varied and was nicely done, nice to see things done by mouth only, very nice job, have a nice day and good luck on your next project.

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Extremely funny, exetremly good, and awsome. There were some constisty problems with the animation, but still funny as hell.
I really hope there is a sequel!


Honestly, the Zoidberg part was my favorite so I give a 7 for that. The rest could be better. In terms of a collaboration and all the sound effects being done by you, I give a 9. Good job!