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Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"


heh, voice noises for menu, great animation. funny as hell. "i'll give you 2 nickles"

hey.... hey...

i think i have this strange mind warping problem, and you the creators of CRAZY DAVE!!!!!!!! are either down right insane or geniuses. and i loved that Dr. Zoidbreg short oh and please make more!!!!!!
So claims your dark souled master...... p.s. this is me Darksoul#42.......


whos the genius who made the music for the first skit!?
i wanna hear more!


Thats something that should be on adult swim! haha but seriously loved the theme song you had ver creative. Also i noticed.. Crazy dave looks like that bum off of bum fights hahaha

some say he might change some day

i say he always will be crazy dave!