Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"


Dude, this is sure to get some people to try a shot at my voice acting competition! I am glad to have been at service at starting you out on this journey! And I must say, I am impressed! :D

The animation was very good and every scene just cracked me up. The only thing I recommend taking off is the flashing lights, however... it gave me a headache. :/


hey.... hey...

i think i have this strange mind warping problem, and you the creators of CRAZY DAVE!!!!!!!! are either down right insane or geniuses. and i loved that Dr. Zoidbreg short oh and please make more!!!!!!
So claims your dark souled master...... p.s. this is me Darksoul#42.......

"Very funny"

this was a very funny video,NICE JOB!!!!!!!!!I love the part when he was pretending to be meatwad from aqua teen hunger force LOL XD XD


whos the genius who made the music for the first skit!?
i wanna hear more!

some say he might change some day

i say he always will be crazy dave!