Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"

Craaaaaazy Daaaaaaaaave

Great animation! Very funny. Each animator has a very fresh and weird style, so adding them up made this animation very different. Great

Awesome Collaboration!!!

It was fresh, random and every gag made you laugh. Great job, everyone.


I don't really watch a lot of flash movies but this one is awesome! I can't say that didn't like some scene but the best was the Godfather scene and it's background music :D.
I'm giving 5/5 and 9/10 !

Dazy Crave

should do more episodes OR a sequal. just NO MORE DARK KNIGHT REFERENCES. let the movie die. some people are sick of this already, most of us have the dvd or blu-ray.

Haha this shits golden.

Btw, Plants vs. Zombies ;)

(Don't rate down just because you don't know what I'm talking about).