Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"

hell ya

that was awesome especially the batman bit


Excellent job with this one guys, really enjoyed watching it. Though I really liked the art and animation, it was very well done all throughout, good job with that.

The storyline was good as well, very interesting how Crazy Dave acted like a different person every day, my favorite was the "Chocolate Dave" one, good job with that.

The voice acting was very well done, it was in great quality and sounded great. Good job with that.

Excellent job here man, 5/5 from me, keep up the great work! :)

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this is the craziest, most insane shit i have ever seen on newgrounds for the entire 6.778 years that i've been here. fuck me this production is pricless. good fucking job to each and everyone of you. god damn. fuck!!!!

Love IT!

this is hilarious i want another!

good work to everyone and keep it up

this just the way i like my crazy and randomness =P

my eye is twitching after seeing this...........

is that good?