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Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"


i liked the idea, it was kind of funny but the thing that sold it for me is the doctor sounded kinda like john malkovic.


the best was for last, that was a big suprise "DONALD DUCK" wtf, LMAO
and meatwad!!!!!! that was a cool skit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like the song, it's really catchy somehow. I do agree with loonyreaper though, I think you should have a warning about the flashing. You don't have to put it in the flash, just in the description. Other than that excellent

(ps-apparently people on this site seem to think that being concerend about people's health is useless. It's really disappointing)

What a trip

The first section where the character gets established is pretty funny, but then everything just goes to hell when the other artists get into the mix. And I mean that in the best possible way. It was completely hilarious and had me questioning whether I had inadvertently switched movies. The "beef" section is so. Damn. Funny.


but it's still funny as hell. "Chocolate Dave" just classic.