Reviews for "Tiny Little Robot"


the level did you forget you can go thru the platforms with the block and without the block


The one labeled "Heh" got me EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!

Tagger54 responds:

haha, yeah, you'll get that. :)

pretty good

this is very good i like it

ok graphics
good music altho gets annoyin after a while

alot of the time instead of jumpin at the corners i just ran off them
tooo hard at times
gets sort of rrepetitive(this is a minor con)

i give it a 9 out of ten for those reasons

fix the cons
put in more music
just sort of upgrade everything

P.S post me back and tell me if this is fair or not ( if u think it isnt give me reasons)
r u makin another game
if so will it be like this 1

Tagger54 responds:

You're being perfectly fair, Thanks for your review.
Honestly the lack of extra music is due to a laggy code, when it would change the music would skipped through half the track.
And yes I will be making more games, but my newest game involves much more than this, keep in touch I might need a few testors lator on.


Awesome game. i hope it survives on Newgrounds :P

Tagger54 responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it.


You press either left or right and you keep heading in that direction forever...

Tagger54 responds:

Sorry but your the only person with that problem.
I will address it if the problem presides for other people.