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Reviews for "The Ballad of CrippleKane"


Really it was a great animation with a good song
You nicely played with the music and the animation...the only thing that i don't get is when he gets out his second gun in front of the sheriff...i rewatch it and i just don't get it...but still i liked rewatching it
You're great man do another clip like that

AlmightyHans responds:

yeah i thought maybe that shot was too quick, basically it pops out of his fake leg


Really stylish and easy on the eyes. You animation style is really 1950's, too. it reminds me of of that white lady they rotoscoped over poor old mammy two shoes in Tom and Jerry. :3


I might just have to start watching westerns more often now...

Your best flash yet.

I must say that on an overall talent stand point this is your best flash yet,the animation was fantastic and i like the idea of a ballad concept for a flash,the song was catchy and the video was very entertaining to watch,you did an excellent job on this flash Hans. =)

Well, I finally learned what that song's title is.

When i clicked on this, i was expecting some crazy fucked up shit that you would usually find posted on the front page just to piss people off. And this was as far from what I expected as possble. You have made something so professional looking, it's better than some TV shows. Plus, when's the last time ANYTHING western-style was on the front page? Super cool, and a complety unexpected treat.