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Reviews for "The Ballad of CrippleKane"

You Know,

It's been over a year since you submitted this movie, and I never took the time to appreciate how much effort you really put into this movie. That changed today. I mean DANG. You got the movie right, you got the credits right, and oh my word, you got the loading screen RIGHT. The combined sound of that whistle and that wasteland wind created a perfect atmosphere that helped bring me into the mindset that begins this movie. And the music is........beautiful I love this kind of western music. It really transports you into the Old Wild West! All I can say is 'Thank You' for creating this wonderful story for us! You are AWESOME.


me gusta la música y ha animación agradable ... especie de Samurai Jack gusta.


I have always loved the western genre! And overall the western movies performed by Clint Eastwood, and the song of hte menu remembers me some of that good old masterpieces of the cinema...


I have always HATED westerns with a heated passion.

Having said that, this flash FLOORED ME.

Had all westerns been done as you have done, then I may have liked them more.

Well done. Well done. Well done!


truely awsome!!!!!!!!