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Reviews for "The Ballad of CrippleKane"


I'm not sure why I didn't review this before, I could have sworn I did.

The artwork was phenomenal. The background were constantly gorgeous and interesting. The character design was also simplistic and complex, the no-line style is hard to pull of but Hans you've nailed it here. Perfect.

The music was also a nice touch, and as you said what inspired you to do this piece in the first place. Now, I've animated to music before (music videos) and it always looks okay. This is probably the most outstanding thing about this cartoon is that the music fits it perfectly. The style, plot, music, it all interlocked and flowed in perfect harmony.

The story was also really interesting and kept me watching. There wasn't a point where I had my head resting on my hands or I minimized it for something else. The store flowed perfectly well and in harmony with the music. When the music picked up, the story picked up, and vice versa.

The animation was also perfect for the style. A perfect blend between tweens and frame by frame. There wasn't ever a point where I thought "he should redo that scene" or I cringed. The entire thing was amazing to look at. You nailed proportions and facial expressions were superb.

In most of my reviews I leave a section at the end for improvement or things I disliked, but honesty, this was literally perfect. The reason I love this piece so much is because it excels in every department. Not only does it excel in audio, animation, art, story, entertainment factor, etc, it flows together.

I think that is what makes this movie so memorable, is that it's not only good work, but it works together in harmony. As I said earlier, when the music would pick up, the story and animation would pick up. Camera angles would shift, backgrounds would set the mood. Every aspect set up the mood and that's what makes this piece so amazing.

You probably won't read this review since I'm leaving it on such an old submission, but Hans, you've seriously outdone yourself.

"Outstanding" isn't giving this enough credit.

Keep Your Hand On Your Gun

Excellent video. I love all of your work, and this is no exception. The animation was entertaining, with an original but inspired art style, the audio was clear and appealing (loved that Wilhelm scream), the song fit right into the video, and the story was just perfect as it was. It didn't need a multi-tiered plot to be a fantastic smooth Western with everything a Western needs. Keep up the great work.


I loved the music. It was really catchy and set the mood quite well. The art was well done, and the animation was smooth. All I ask is that you make more of Cripple Kane!


I've just submited two videos also about a GRINGO!!^^
you're movies is really great!!


The art style really struck me. The audio blew my away then the ending finished me. Amazing piece of animation you have here. Everything about it i adored. And congrats for being nominated for a tank. And Weekly User' Choice, Review Crew Pick, & Daily Feature. Impressive- You deserved it Hans.