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Reviews for "The Ballad of CrippleKane"


This was absolutely STUNNING.
I think this could eventually be a series (I know how much effort this one took but I think it would be one of the best series on newgrounds)
I loved when he puts his stump into the boot it sounded like a gun being cocked.


hahaha!!...it was good! made me laugh!

Excellent choice of music

I've always loved this song and it's about fucking time someone set it into flash, and it seems you were the perfect person to do it. The animation was flawless, and had a delightfully smooth cartoon style to it. Sound was just flawless (If it wasn't there wouldn't really been a point to make this flash. And it was just great, charming enough, but with still enough action to keep you intrested.

Nice animation.

Keep the devil in your soul? I think not.


This was amazing! Good job! I love the song!