Reviews for "Friday Style"

:-) Sup bro

Wow... I remember when you made this. You just learned how to use Flash like the day before. So for what it is, it's pretty decent. Good job. Also I love the track. Seriously keep it up. The new one you sent me was bangin, so I know being in Korea isn't slowin you down. Thanks for always being there and giving me inspiration.

MickeyMao responds:

Thanks man.


Animation too?

What can't you do?

MickeyMao responds:

Clone myself... but Im working on that.

3.68 / 5.00 (+ 0.012)

this is awesome man, altho the recording wasnt all that clear at all parts, i def dig the style of the vid yo. good shit man

MickeyMao responds:

Thanks man. The freestyle was recorded in a minute and couple seconds, then I exported it and spent 15 hours on the animation. I'm glad you like the video, that's where my effort was spent on this one.


damn dude that was awesome glad i clicked on this hell yeah

MickeyMao responds:

thanks man!

Wazz Cookin

All The way ... 10
Im diggin dis
Keep makin more...

MickeyMao responds:

I think I might have to someday, just gotta find the time. glad ya liked it.