Reviews for "Marble Roller"

i like it

its ok i think you may be on to something i wood like to see more from you

too fast

it was good but all u really have to do is to slow the rolling marbles down and it would be better

Some Issues

Not a terrible game. There are a few issues as far as the gameplay goes.

First the wall moves too quickly, I understand it's supposed to be fast paced but instead of moving in a large interval in a matter of seconds you could instead have it move in small intervals constantly and still gain the same effect.

Secondly the firing system is kind of slow compared to the wall moving. Plus not being able to fire while the wall is moving means an added difficulty that should just not be there.

Other than that I liked the aftertouch system. The graphics are well done and the sounds are nice. You could add some music to help get into the game, though.

Could be really good

Very nice style, I love the idea of those balls that are being pushed down. But I have to agree it seems a bit too fast.


Although this game has been done a ton of times, i like the graphics in this one. I think that when the top is moving down you should still be able to shoot, i can't tell you how many times the top moved down unexpectedly while I was trying to shoot which resulted in me losing my position. Also, I didn't even know it didn't shoot sometimes because the sound for it shooting still plays. This one definitely needs some improvement.