Reviews for "No Internet"

This can only be understood first hand

I'll take it that any people with cruel reviews here have never lost internet for a duration longer than a thunderstorm. For those of us who use routers (or even worse... dial up ><) know the feeling I feel is portrayed quite well when you return to your computer to find that 90% of your options gone with the lack of internet. And the internet stays gone for days or on occasion even weeks...
Sure... it's not a "Long" flash cartoon. But they all don't have to be. This one was made to express a feeling... not to tell a story. Although a story is usually behind feelings like this.
Kudos to the artist: Good work on your first flash submission. Looking forward to future submissions ^^;

I know how you feel

i havent had been able to access my ng account until now, and i couldnt explain my friends what had happened, you have my respect friend

OMFG this was

This happened to me yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
because of this coincidence all my 5's are belong to this.

Touched me on a profound level

This flash has meant a great deal to me. As an avid internet user I have many times felt exactly the feelings that this flash invokes. ZoulArt is truly an artist and deserves our utmost respect and moar importantly all of our bases.

ZoulArt responds:

Thanks my good sir, I find your comment really touching.

Aye, Tis a Tragedy

I know how you feel mate. I had no net for three months once. >.< T'was no fun at all. And then a few more months of limited internet. Bah, glad you made it through that one day of no internet.

Oh yes... and the flash. It's well done, at least for the point that it's trying to make.

(3/5 and 7/10)