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Reviews for "WKUK Russian Roulette"

Meet the Worst Players In Russian Roulette.

This video does indeed shows that "Winners Don't Do Drugs".....even if that means playing Russian Roulette and losing. It also shows that peer pressure could lead to some dire consequences. This flash movie is absolutely hilarious in it's own right.
The artwork could've been better but that's probably what brought it's comedic effect. The voice acting was great and the fact that each person kept getting that unlucky armed cartdridge never got old. I just have to say that this movie would make a great commercial that could featured late at night for the mature audiences to understand. But for now, I feel like playing russian roulette with my friends..... with six bulletes in six cartridges. See how that turns out.

are people retarded?

yeas, awesome video dude i really love it...but i want to say something to people who say that you didn't write the script and therefor should have a lower rating and all i really wanna ask these persons if they are retarded... and this guy Zeroni said (and a quote): THIS ARTIST DID NOT WRITE THIS SKIT AND HE SAYS SO... which is totally untrue , its even said in the author comment that its made from The Whitest Kids U Know thats why if you think of leaving a stupid comment think about it...maybe read MY comment...


i have read multiple reviews here giving this thing a great score because of the jokes, the concept, the characters, basically: the writing. THIS ARTIST DID NOT WRITE THIS SKIT AND HE SAYS SO. this submission should only be scored based on the artists talent in animation, art style, and how well the audio is synced to the motion. PERIOD. that being said, the animation is smooth, and well synced. could use more detail and depth, honestly, but for a stick animation it's good. just please, please stop saying you are scoring so high for the "original, funny concept".


sooo they did this for fun? i wanna join in xD

It was cool and all

I know they have names but, like it would be nice is they had special parts of them, like hair, see i find it hard to see who is exactly who sitting at the tables.